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General Home Inspection

Our residential property inspection is for homebuyers who would like to strengthen their knowledge of a home before committing to a purchase. The inspection consists of a thorough visual evaluation of most readily accessible areas of a property. A carbon monoxide test is included with your inspection at no extra cost.

The following areas are included in our inspection:

Roofing System

Structural Components

Foundation & Crawl Space


Driveways & Walkways

Fireplace & Chimney

Attached Garage

House Cross Section

Attic, Ventilation, & Insulation


Exterior (cladding, doors, windows)

Interior (doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, stairs)

Plumbing System

Electrical System

Heating & Cooling Systems

We also offer these additional services:

Pre-Listing Inspection

This inspection is for anyone who is preparing to sell a home. Before you list, it’s a good idea to have your property thoroughly inspected for any damaged or defective components. This will give you a better understanding of your home’s value as well as promoting trust with a buyer. Whether you choose to make repairs or simply inform buyers of an issue, it will improve the chances of successful negotiations.

Mold Inspection

There are many types of mold, and they reproduce by means of microscopic, airborne spores. Mold can start growing indoors when its spores float inside from outdoors and land on surfaces that are damp. Exposure to mold by inhaling or touching mold spores can cause allergic reactions and irritation to the lungs, eyes, skin, nose and throat.

Mold that gets established can gradually destroy the things it grows on, including home furnishings and structural components. You can prevent damage to your home and furnishings, save money, and avoid health problems by controlling unwanted moisture intrusion and eliminating potential mold growth. Protect your investment and your family’s health, and let me inspect your home for mold and the warning signs of mold growth.

mold on ceiling

Radon Testing

You cannot see, smell or taste radon, but it may be a problem in your house. Although radon is a naturally occurring gas in our environment, it is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas, and the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the U.S., according to the U.S. Surgeon General. You cannot predict your home’s radon level based on state or local radon measurements or on test results taken in other homes in your neighborhood. Testing is the only way to find out what your home’s radon level is. I use special interference-proof canisters that can measure the radon levels in different areas of the house.

Nearly 1 out of every 15 homes is estimated to have elevated radon levels. The Surgeon General and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency recommend testing all houses. Millions of Americans have already had their homes tested for radon, and you should too. If your home has high radon levels, there are ways to fix it. Even very high levels can be reduced to acceptable and healthier levels. I can help you explore your options of radon mitigation systems and explain how they work. Let me test your home for radon.

Home Energy Audit

The benefits from making energy improvements include saving on your utility bills, increasing the comfort of your home and reducing your use of natural resources. To conduct a Home Energy Inspection, I will collect about 40 data points related to energy. I will then use an automated energy calculator developed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to:

  • Estimate your home’s yearly energy usage;
  • Pinpoint potential energy inefficiencies;
  • Develop recommendations for energy improvements; and
  • Determine your potential energy savings.

Your online report will provide information about the efficiency of the major systems in your home, as well as recommendations for improvements that can help reduce your energy bills, while making your new home more comfortable. Most home buyers purchase a home without first understanding what it will cost to operate it. Even though most Americans spend $2,200 a year on utilities, including heating and cooling costs, they can reduce their utility bills by up to 30% – a sizeable savings – from energy improvements. Contact me today to schedule your Home Energy Inspection!


Once repairs are finished on a component we previously found to be faulty, we’re available to return and perform a Re-Inspection. This will serve to ease any lingering concerns you may have by ensuring that your current or prospective investment is safe and sound.

11th Month Warranty Inspection

When your new home is nearing the end of construction, the builder will typically take you on a final walkthrough. But before that time comes, it’s a good idea to hire the services of a third-party inspector for an unbiased assessment of the home. We’ll evaluate the structure and installed mechanical systems for any defective areas or oversights committed during the building process that could compromise your safety.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

A wood destroying organism (WDO) inspection is a written report on a home or property with visible and accessible evidence of an infestation or damage by wood destroying organisms. Usually this means subterranean or dry wood termites, but will also cover wood destroying beetles and wood destroying fungi. Get your home inspected today!

wood destroying organism

Infrared Inspections

You work very hard for your money (in order to pay the bills), but what you don’t realize is how much of your hard earned energy dollars are actually slipping right through the cracks of your home. An infrared camera allows me to perform a comprehensive energy efficiency inspection within a home by locating and pin-pointing those areas where unconditioned air is infiltrating into the living areas. Most air infiltrations are located at wall penetrations (such as windows, doors, vents, etc), and at transition areas of fully insulated walls, ceilings and floors. A thermal scan will identify the smallest of insulation breaches and fissures within the concealed cavities of walls and ceilings.

During my infrared inspections, I literally show my clients where they are wasting their precious energy resources and hard earned dollars. My IR camera enables me to point out exactly where those costly energy dollars are being lost. I then assist my clients in determining how to properly insulate those breached areas with minimum damage to their surfaces, so they can get the most out of their heating and cooling systems for many years to come.

infrared scan

At Gift of Life Home Inspection Services, LLC, we’re dedicated to maintaining the highest quality with every service that we offer—because it’s important for us to see you succeed in your investment. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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